My loved one has the early stages of memory loss. What can this DVD do for her?

This DVD will provide an opportunity for you to talk with your loved one about the different segments of the DVD. The DVDs are designed to hold their attention because the segments are simple enough for someone with memory impairment to enjoy. Back To Top


My loved one is in the later stages of Alzheimer's. Will this DVD help her?

Yes, because the posterior portion of the brain is the last part to be affected by the disease, your loved one will be able to hear the music on our DVDs. This beautiful music will be soothing to the listener even if they appear to be sleeping.  Back To Top


How are these DVDs different from others that are on the market?

There is nothing on the market exactly like The Journey Remembered DVDs. Our DVDs were created to access deep rooted memories and our testing phase ensures that they provide appropriate positive stimulation for someone with impaired memory.  Please view our Video Testimonial to hear what geriatric professionals have said about our DVDs. Back To Top


How many times a day can I show your DVDs to my loved one?

The Journey Remembered DVDs can be played two or three times each day. It would be best if the person viewing the DVDs did not sit for extended periods of time.  Back To Top


My Dad has Alzheimer's and seems happy watching old movies. Why should I buy The Journey Remembered DVDs?

There has been research done regarding television viewing and people with dementia at the University of Iowa and Cooper Ridge Institute in Maryland. We have links to articles about these studies on our "Resources" page. Alzheimer's disease does not allow the brain to process information accurately which can bring about difficult behaviors in a person with the disease. Our DVDs have been designed to combat these behaviors by providing appropriate positive stimulation for the viewer, while still being entertaining.  Back To Top


Will my Mom get bored watching your DVDs?

Our test DVDs have proven that memory impaired people enjoy the beautiful videography of children at play, animals and older adults in short segments designed to hold their attention. Each person is an individual with their own unique likes and dislikes, but the segments are varied enough to capture most interests. It is important to try viewing at different times of day as you begin to enjoy The Journey Remembered DVDs. Back To Top


How can this DVD help my Mother who suffers from dementia?

The Journey Remembered is a new concept of adding beautiful music to videography designed to access deep rooted memories. During the test phases of these DVDs, many people talked for the first time in months, while others laughed and smiled more than they had in some time. A University of Iowa study discusses how patients viewing "happy film clips" versus "sad film clips" seemed much happier for a longer period of time after watching the "happy film clips", even after they had forgotten actually watching the clips. Our DVDs are designed to bring happiness to the viewer.  Back To Top


As a caregiver of Alzheimer's and dementia patients, how can I most effectively use your DVDs?

The Journey Remembered DVDs can be used by caregivers in several ways. Our DVDs contain positive subject matter that is appropriate for the memory impaired. Not only can the DVDs impact the patient's mood, but can also encourage communication about the segments. Caregivers can also use our DVDs as an activity for the patient while they take care of other tasks. Back To Top

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